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Unlocking the Power of NAATI Certified Translation Services

Not all translations are created equal. Harsh but true. While most professional translation service providers will make it a point to deliver the highest quality when it comes to translation requirements, sometimes an added level of certainty is required to ensure the translation is accurate and up to standards. In Australia, that added level of assurance of translation quality comes with a certified translation service, otherwise known as NAATI.

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This one is for all our translation newbies wondering how they can make sure they’re getting exactly what they need when it comes to their translation requirements. We’ll be covering what certified translations are, their professional standards that guarantee a high-quality translation, when NAATI translation services are required, and the benefits of choosing a NAATI-certified translation service for your translation needs.

What is NAATI translation?

NAATI, the official Authority for certified translations in Australia, is short for “National Standards and Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters”. NAATI sets and maintains the high national standards for the translation and interpretation sector in the country. It’s important to note that it is the only accreditation body that can issue credentials or certification to people who wish to work in this profession. There are currently over 10,500 NAATI practitioners, holding 15,000 credentials in over 180 languages, so there is no shortage of professional accredited translators that can be used for certified translations.

NAATI as an organisation issues certification to people who wish to become professional translators or interpreters in Australia. The NAATI accreditation process evaluates the language skills of translators in language-specific tests and includes a competency assessment. NAATI certification provides translators with official recognition for their language proficiency and translation. NAATI-certified translators typically have extensive experience and years of professional practice in the industry, which guarantees accurate translations that are aligned with the strict standards of the Australian national accreditation authority.

The rigorous application process to be an accredited translator means that professional translators with NAATI certification possess in-depth knowledge of terminology, formatting, and legal requirements specific to official purposes. As a result, they are typically sought out for official document translations such as legal documents, medical records, immigration papers, and more.

When should you use NAATI translation?

NAATI-certified translations are required under many different circumstances. Typically any documentation that is translated for Australian government departments, such as the Department of Immigration and the Department of Home Affairs, needs to be done by a NAATI-certified translator and must include a NAATI stamp, signature and certification on each page.

Documents requiring NAATI translation include birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce papers, diplomas, academic transcripts, police checks, payslips and bank statements.

While NAATI translation isn’t mandatory for private business translations, such as user manuals or product descriptions, there are many benefits to choosing to work with a NAATI-certified translator in the Australian market.

Professional translators with NAATI certification have proven they meet the strict standards at Australia’s national level. They are in tune with Australian political and cultural sensitivities and can cater their translations to align with these sensitivities. NAATI certification also expires every 3 years meaning NAATI translators must constantly be up to date with their certification, which ensures that their translation services are still valid and up to standard. Lastly, as practising professional translators, NAATI translators can be trusted to treat sensitive documents with confidentiality, providing customers with peace of mind through the translation process.

Why is NAATI translation the best choice?

Quality Assurance and Accuracy

NAATI-certified translators have undergone rigorous testing and assessment, ensuring their linguistic proficiency and translation skills. Their extensive experience and years of professional practice guarantee accurate translations with attention to detail.

Professional translators with NAATI certification also follow a comprehensive quality assurance process to maintain the highest level of accuracy. Their translations are reviewed, proofread, and double-checked to ensure they meet the professional standards set by NAATI.

Expertise in Legal and Official Documents

As mentioned earlier, NAATI-certified translators specialise in translating official and legal documents. Terminology aside, which is a key part of translation, NAATI translators are also fluent in the formatting of official documents and the legal requirements for governmental authorities.

Working with a NAATI-certified translator will give you peace of mind in knowing that your translated documents will be accurately translated and formatted for official use.

Compliance with Government Departments

NAATI translators are well-versed in the requirements of Australian government departments, such as the Department of Immigration and the Department of Home Affairs.

They understand the nuances of visa applications, ensuring maximum accuracy for successful outcomes. NAATI-certified translations are the best choice when it comes to documents for the Australian Government.

Confidentiality and Privacy

NAATI-accredited translators adhere to strict privacy policies to protect personal data and confidential information contained within translated documents. They understand the importance of handling sensitive information with the utmost care and professionalism. For highly sensitive documents, using a NAATI translation service ensures the security of your personal data.

NAATI-Certified Translation at LEXIGO

LEXIGO offers professional translation services and NAATI-certified translations in multiple industries, including Digital and Ecommerce, Marketing and Communication, Enterprise and Business, Government and Public Sector, and Medical and Legal.

NAATI-certified translations are available in the Pro and Prime package options, which are recommended for any formal communication or consumer and client-facing content.

All our packages come with 24/7 support, translation guarantees and dedicated project success managers. Our NAATI translation services include a quality assurance review to ensure that the final translated documents are up to standard.

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