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Professional Translation Services + Multicultural Communication

Be Native

Reach, connect and engage with your audiences in their native language—with unrivalled translation services at scale, speed and accuracy.

What we do
Government Official

For Government

CALD communication outcomes aligned with the Access and Equity Strategy.

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World Enterprise

For Enterprise

Strategic suite of services with globalisation critical translation products.

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Business Suitcase

For Business

Unleash global growth potential with essential enterprise-level translation.

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Personal Person

For Personal

100% acceptance rate by Governments for your personal translation needs.

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From English-only content to translating in 10+ languages, LEXIGO’s tech-enabled approach gives ANZ scalable enterprise-level translation to rapid new market launches.

As one of Australia’s ‘big-4’ banks, ANZ operates globally and offers a range of commercial and retail banking services in a variety of languages.

Bega Cheese LOGO

Powering clear and consistent product communication in target languages – strengthening Bega’s in-market brand awareness across the globe.

Bega Cheese is one of the largest Australian cheese companies; they’re world renowned for their quality range of flavours.

CentreLink LOGO

A tech-enabled service approach ensures consistent and accurate information across languages – a cornerstone of Centrelink’s service commitments.

Services Australia’s Centrelink delivers a range of payments and services to Australians including people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Gloria Jean's LOGO

LEXIGO’s approach to translation, export know-how and management of global content ensures Gloria Jean’s wholesale and retail products reach their markets fast.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees is a franchised specialty coffeehouse that has 1000+ stores and hundreds of product exports across 39 markets.


171 languages

Reach 248 global markets or local communities with accurate, consistent translation available in 171 languages.

171 languages

248 global markets

310+ language-pairs


10k+ linguists

Get high-quality translation results that speak to your audience with our 10,000 strong global network of domain-expert translators.

10,000+ vetted translators

Subject matter experts

Professional and qualified

Shield Security

256 encryption

Your data is safe with government and bank-grade secure servers, AES-256 encryption and an ISO-27001 certified environment.

SSL AES-256 encryption

ISO-27001 certified environment

Data privacy and ownership

Clock Service

24/7 service

Order, pay and manage your translation requirements 24/7, 365 days a year using our leading online platform LEXIGO.LIVE

24/7 service and support

Urgent requirements

Easy to use platform

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