Native Experience Marketing: how to authentically reach, include and engage your audiences in their native language and culture.

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    Ethnic marketing, foreign marketing, multicultural marketing: marketers have labelled audiences they consider outside the ‘mainstream’ in various ways—and they all risk setting any marketing campaign up for failure even before it starts.

    In their place, Native Experience Marketing (NX) unveils the innovative NX framework, empowering professionals to develop culturally and linguistically authentic marketing strategies.

    In this book, Mark Saba—CEO of LEXIGO, a leading translation and native language communication agency—shares his unique expertise and invites you to be part of the movement that is changing the face of modern marketing.

    Learn how to:

    • Develop cultural competence and empathy to challenge stereotypes and utilise diverse perspectives.
    • Form dynamic teams and employ authentic, theoretically robust, practically effective communication methods with cultural sensitivity at their core.
    • Co-design deeply engaging native-language marketing strategies that reflect community behaviours, preferences, cultural values, traditions, languages, sentiments and social norms.
    • Co-create campaigns that truly resonate, using LEXIGO’s audience-centric approach—a progressive method where campaigns are crafted by communities and for communities, embodying genuine connection and understanding.
    • Master grassroots distribution while enhancing credibility and audience empowerment through immediate feedback and cultural sensitivity.
    • Transition from individual experiences to community-wide acceptance to cultivate deep relationships and community advocacy.
    • Ensure every voice is heard and every culture is authentically represented.

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