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Native Experience Marketing: A New Era in Communication

Working in the language and translation industry, you’ll find yourself coming across the terms “foreign,” “ethnic,” and “multicultural” on the regular.

These terms are fodder in our line of work but the implications of using these terms are rarely considered. 

Foreign, ethnic, and multicultural are subjective words. What is foreign or ethnic to one person might be entirely native to another. As we continue to label marketing outside the so-called “mainstream” as “ethnic,” or “foreign,” we inadvertently contribute to a sense of otherness, alienating our audience instead of celebrating and embracing their unique experiences. And let’s be clear: the words we use matter—especially when you find yourself on the receiving end of terms like “foreigner” or “ethnic.”

It’s high time for a change.

Enter Native Experience (NX) Marketing—a paradigm shift in culturally intelligent marketing that prioritises the audience’s experience, irrespective of language or culture. It’s more than just a new approach; it’s a journey through the heart of connecting with audiences on a profound level, beyond mere translation.

NX Marketing isn’t just about linguistic accuracy; it’s about cultural understanding. It’s about crafting campaigns from the ground up, rooted in deep cultural insights and built for communities, by communities. This isn’t just marketing; it’s a movement—a call to action to embrace audiences in their native language and culture. It’s about inclusivity that reverberates not just in the work we do but also in the way we talk about what we do. It takes what has, for the most part, been considered alternative marketing, and turns into the mainstream. 

Imagine a world where connection transcends language barriers and cultural divides—a world where understanding and empathy reign supreme. While achieving universal language fluency may be a lofty goal, building bridges of understanding is within reach.

That’s where NX Marketing comes in.

Our framework—the NATIVE framework—guides marketers on a journey toward Notable, Authentic, Trusted, Inclusive, Versatile, and Evolving campaigns that resonate deeply with audiences. It’s about exploring the nuances of cultural context and crafting campaigns that speak directly to the heart of the human experience.

It’s a simple to remember yet flexible marketing framework that outlines how professionals can make their in-language, in-culture marketing and communication initiatives:

  • Notable to the efforts as a whole
  • Authentic in your messaging 
  • Trusted by the audiences
  • Inclusive in approach
  • Versatile in execution
  • Evolving with the changing dynamics of the campaign and its audiences.

At its core, NX Marketing is about creating a world where connection knows no bounds—a world where everyone, regardless of background or upbringing, feels seen, heard, and valued.

“NX adopts a familiar structure to conventional marketing approaches, yet it distinguishes itself by placing in-language audiences at the forefront of its strategy. The essence of marketing—understanding and engaging with one’s audience—is universal. However, NX refines this principle through the prism of language and cultural nuance, ensuring that the approach is audience-first, culturally-conscious, inclusive and authentic.”

Native Experience (NX) Marketing

NX Marketing is rooted in action. It’s filled with strategies, frameworks, and exercises at each stage of the journey that you can use to better relate to your audience, to build better marketing plans and campaigns that resonate with your audience, regardless of their background. 

While NX Marketing is made to be more of a set of guidelines rather than a rigid framework, its flexibility is what makes it truly native. Each audience is unique and a one-size-fits-all strategy doesn’t necessarily work. Instead, NX Marketing helps you find an approach that is genuinely tailored to your audience. 

When you’re finished with the book, you’ll be able to: 

  • Identify opportunities to reach new market and audiences in their native language and culture
  • Present the business case to interested stakeholders, illustrating the tangible benefits of a culturally-nuanced approach 
  • Develop novel ideas to support the establishment of a genuine connection with your audience, regardless of their background. 
  • Engage with relevant communities and groups that can provide authentic insights and champion an organisation’s efforts to connect with their audience
  • Build trust and rapport, cultivating long-term relationships with audiences through a thoughtful and sustained engagement approach
  • Enhance brand relevance and relatability through native content and initiatives that speak your audience’s language, linguistically and culturally

So, are you ready to join us on this journey? Sign up for our waitlist and be a part of the movement to create a world where connection is possible, despite language and cultural differences. Together, let’s build a future where understanding reigns supreme.

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