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Service Level Agreement

Last update: April 2024

The following Service Level Agreement (SLA) is for quotes and services rendered by LEXIGO, such as translation, localisation and other related services. It does not include technology or software products offered by LEXIGO.  For technology products and general terms of service, please see our Terms.

LEXIGO guarantees its services for quality, delivery times and government acceptance. 

Depending on the service level and service ordered, you will have the opportunity to promptly review, and within 7 days after receipt, shall notify LEXIGO of any requested changes. If re-work or re-translation is necessary as a result of LEXIGO’s misunderstanding or error, LEXIGO will provide such work at no cost to you, otherwise extra charges may apply.


  • Services

    "Services" means our content, services, apps and other products or services provided from time to time.

  • We

    "We" means LEXIGO Global Pty Ltd ACN 146 336 950.

  • Website/s

    “Website/s” means lexigo.com and associated domains, including but not limited to fred.lexigo.com and app.lexigo.com.

  • You

    "You" or "Client" means any user of our Services who has ordered a Service to be carried out by LEXIGO.

Payment Terms


A LEXIGO quote is based on, but not limited to, information, documents, scope of work and/or text provided by Client at time of quote.


Any variations may incur additional charges.


Please add relevant taxes to all rates (if applicable) unless tax rate/s are clearly recorded on your Quote.

Non-Account Holders

Invoices are due before commencement of services.

LEXIGO Account Holders

All invoices are due within 14 days of invoice date.

Becoming an Account Holder

To become a LEXIGO Account Holder, you must apply for credit terms – please contact accounts@lexigo.com for an application form. Account Holder/Credit terms are available to organisations only.

Quality Assurance and Service Guarantees

Terms of Service and Guarantee

Upon receipt of the service from LEXIGO, Client shall promptly review, and within 7 days after receipt shall notify LEXIGO of any requested corrections or changes. If rework or re-translation is necessary as a result of LEXIGO misunderstanding or error, LEXIGO will provide such work at no cost to Client otherwise extra charges may apply.

Quality Assurance

LEXIGO also employs additional Quality Assurance methods; Please refer to LEXIGO Quality Assurance Charter for more information.

Accreditation and Certification

All work is completed by professional language translators and other language service professionals, including but not limited to, translators certified by NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters), Australia.


LEXIGO Confidentiality

All information which Client acquires during the term of this contract regarding the business and products of LEXIGO, or expressly identified by LEXIGO in writing as confidential, shall be maintained in confidentiality by Client, and, except as expressly authorised by LEXIGO in writing, shall not be divulged or published by others. Confidential information shall not include for the purpose of this paragraph; *Information which is or becomes available to the general public, provided the disclosure of such information did not result from a breach by client of this paragraph. And information required to be disclosed under Governing Law or Courts of Commonwealth.

Use of Client Information

Use of all client information is subject to LEXIGO Privacy Policy.


Terminological glossary entries compiled by LEXIGO in the course of LEXIGO performance of the services under this contract; provided, however, that Client and LEXIGO agree in writing that, upon payment by Client to LEXIGO of an agreed-upon fee, such terminological glossary entries shall become the property of Client, and shall be covered by the confidentiality provisions of this paragraph.

Client Cancellation or Withdrawal

LEXIGO Non-Account Holders

Once payment is made by Client to LEXIGO, and Client cancels job, then, LEXIGO will charge its standard cancellation fee for non-account holders. Cancellation fees for translation services are charged at the full rate of translation price quoted. 

LEXIGO Account Holders​

If Client cancels or withdraws any portion of the services set out in this contract prior to LEXIGO completion of services, then, in consideration of LEXIGO scheduling and/or performing of services, Client shall pay LEXIGO the portion of the total fee represented by the percentage of the services performed, but in any event not less than 50% of said fee.

Additional Work and Changes by Others

Additional Work​

If additional work beyond the scope of the accepted quote is requested by Client (including, but not limited to, additional request or new material provided to LEXIGO during the project), charges for such work will be additional, and will be charged at LEXIGO standard pricing.


LEXIGO does not accept responsibility for any charges in the product made by persons other than LEXIGO. 


Client accept risk and responsibility for any and all losses, claims, damages, expenses or liabilities (including reasonable legal fees), and agrees to indemnify LEXIGO for cost which LEXIGO may incur based on information, representations, reports, data or product specification furnished, prepared or approved by Client for use by LEXIGO in the work performed under this contract. 

Governing Law

This contract is governed by the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia, Commonwealth and common law. 


This agreement becomes a binding contract through any of the following ways: 

  • Upon signature by Client and return to LEXIGO by email. 
  • Accepting online by Client through LEXIGO website or system. 
  • By Performing the contract, via full payment through any of LEXIGO payment options. 
  • By directly accepting via email to the original quote. ​​

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Service Level Agreement, please contact us.

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