Native Experience Marketing

Your definitive guide to authentically reaching, including and engaging your audiences in their native language and culture.

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Navigating Native Experience: your roadmap to successful inclusive marketing using LEXIGO's Think-Design-Go framework.



Set the Foundation with PHASE I: THINK: Cultivate cultural competence and empathy to challenge stereotypes and embrace diverse perspectives. This stage lays the groundwork for a campaign known for its Notability and Authenticity, setting the campaign up for success before it even starts.



Refine with Design in PHASE II of NX Marketing: Harness dynamic teams and data-driven insights to craft strategies that mirror cultural values and traditions. This stage integrates authentic communication methods with real-world data. It emphasises co-designing marketing strategies reflecting cultural values and traditions, ensuring every campaign is engaging and culturally sensitive.



Go to market with confidence in PHASE III of the framework: Master the art of grassroots distribution, enhancing credibility and audience connection. Transition from individual experiences to community-wide acceptance, cultivating deep relationships and advocacy. This stage ensures your campaign speaks authentically to every culture and adapts and evolves with immediate feedback and cultural sensitivities.

Praise for Native Experience Marketing

Nataly Kelly

Nataly Kelly

Author of Take Your Company Global and former HubSpot VP International

The best global brands are moving away from monocultural marketing to embrace Native Experience Marketing instead.

A/Professor Erika Gonzalez

A/Professor Erika Gonzalez

RMIT University, Translation Studies

Mark brings a refreshing perspective to marketing with this book. It is a much-needed resource for those engaged in communications, demonstrating that one size does not fit all. NX Marketing shows that it is time to move away from old and outdated stereotypes when labelling consumers or audiences who do not fit the so-called mainstream. It is a must-read for any marketing expert with its engaging writing style.

Josef Kubovský

Josef Kubovský

CEO at Nimdzi Insights and former Chief Evangelist at MemSource

In my over 20 years in the language industry, I have seen many approaches to global communication and marketing. Native Experience Marketing offers a fresh, insightful, and highly practical perspective that is essential for anyone looking to navigate the complex but rewarding world of intercultural business and communication. It is a testament to the power of language and culture in shaping local and global interactions and a guidebook for building more inclusive, effective, and successful in-language communication strategies.

Renato Beninatto

Renato Beninatto

Author of The General Theory of the Translation Company and Nimdzi Insights Chairman and Co-Founder

As an international business consultant, I’m continuously impressed by marketing frameworks that put the customer at the center. Native Experience (NX) Marketing does just that by emphasizing cultural insights and authentic engagement with diverse audiences. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, NX acknowledges the importance of nuanced, inclusive communication that resonates across languages and cultures. This mindset shift is exactly what global organizations need to build trust and loyalty with customers worldwide. I appreciate that NX recognizes that effective marketing is not about you but about deeply understanding buyer perspectives. This customer-centric approach is the future of marketing in our interconnected world.

Andrzej Nedoma

Andrzej Nedoma

CEO of Business Advisory and co-founder of XTRF Translation Management Systems

Mark’s concept of NATIVE is so beautifully natural, but at the same time so missed today in our fast-paced and standardized way of interacting with each other. To turn messaging into communication, you need to acknowledge, appreciate and respect your audience. In Native Experience Marketing, Mark shows us how we can all take it to yet another level, turning communication into building authentic relationships by appreciating everyone’s native lived experience.

Unlock your path to mastering culturally intelligent marketing​

Ethnic marketing, foreign marketing, multicultural marketing: marketers have labelled audiences they consider outside the ‘mainstream’ in various ways—and they all risk setting any marketing campaign up for failure even before it starts.

In their place, Native Experience Marketing (NX) unveils the innovative NX framework, empowering professionals to develop culturally and linguistically authentic marketing strategies.

In this book, Mark Saba—CEO of LEXIGO, a leading translation and native language communication agency—shares his unique expertise and invites you to be part of the movement that is changing the face of modern marketing.

Learn how to:

Develop cultural competence

Develop cultural competence and empathy to challenge stereotypes and utilize diverse perspectives.


Co-create campaigns that truly resonate, using LEXIGO’s audience-centric approach—a progressive method where campaigns are crafted by communities and for communities, embodying genuine connection and understanding.

Form dynamic teams

Form dynamic teams and employ authentic, theoretically robust, practically effective communication methods with cultural sensitivity at their core.

Master grassroots distribution

Master grassroots distribution while enhancing credibility and audience empowerment through immediate feedback and cultural sensitivity.


Co-design deeply engaging native-language marketing strategies that reflect community behaviors, preferences, cultural values, traditions, languages, sentiment and social norms.

Ensure every voice is heard

Ensure every voice is heard and every culture is authentically represented.


What readers are saying

Mandy—United States

A great read! I really loved the tone of the book the expression and personality really makes it an enjoyable and easy read.

The author really resonates with the reader through his relatable anecdotes.
I love how the entire time I was reading it my mind would start to brainstorm ways I could apply it to my business and began to think of opportunities I could create with the knowledge from the book.

Definitely recommend!


Very easy to understand playbook to make campaigns more inclusive for CALD audiences. The book is divided into 3 main stages with 2 steps in each. I found a lot of practical advice and some very helpful content on how to get buy-in from campaign stakeholders. Highly recommend for any marketing professional.

Edward—United States

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