LEXIGO’s cloud-based technology empowers you to translate and manage multilingual content across your entire organisation.

Cloud-based, award-winning technology that just makes sense

Increased productivity saving you time and money

Previously translated and approved segments are stored, so human translators can work more efficiently and accurately, with reduced costs.

Centralised approach to managing language assets

Collaboration on translated content across teams, regardless of location. Tailored, automatic workflows that suit your organisation.

Easy-to-use with zero lead time

Our system intelligently and automatically sets project tasks and deadlines immediately after a contract is approved, removing time typically wasted in project set-up and pre-production.

Your customised translation process and workflow solution

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Translation Management Platform

Our award-winning cloud-based translation platform is the foundation of our tech suite. You can order, track and manage your translation services and language assets with a centralised approach that includes Project Management and WorkBench.

Enterprise Neural Machine Translation

Today’s Enterprise Machine Translation (EMT) products are evolving rapidly. Our proprietary cloud-based platform is fully integrated with over 30 EMT engines – made up of the most advanced Neural Machine Translation engines.

In-language web notifications

Build trust, engage and inform your CALD audiences using branded notifications. Customise our templates or use them as they are for alerts, disclaimers, cookies, greetings and more. Super fast to set up, notifications automatically display in visitor language. Add triggers to display based on visitor behaviour, page visits, timing and language.

Website translation proxy

Proxy acts as a virtual layer, displaying your website in your visitor’s language on top of your main site, based on their geo-location and browser settings. Content is translated in real time, either by human translators or machine translation to ensure readability and contextual accuracy.

Transcription + subtitling

Transcription services let you transcribe audio and video in any language – quickly and accurately to reach a global, CALD audience. Subtitle translator and foreign language subtitle services help more viewers engage with your video content, no matter their native language.

Automations and integrations for a seamless approach

Our integrations let you link an existing back-end CMS with LEXIGO for a seamless approach to translation of updated source content. LEXIGO integrates with various CMS platforms, including Adobe Experience Manager, Mailchimp and WordPress. Don’t see your system? Get in touch to chat about a custom integration.

Translation assets

Translation assets reduce both costs and turnaround times. Previously translated and approved segments are stored, so human translators can work more efficiently and accurately over time. Nothing will ever be translated more than once.


Real time collaboration and translation between your team and ours makes for a seamless process. Our translator tools are completely secure, efficient and easy to use, thanks to a complex, intuitive and intelligent back-end. Your translations can also be accessed by your in-house translators.

We take your security seriously

ISO-Certified Secure Environment

Rather than sending translation requests to translators by email, our translators translate directly into the LEXIGO online platform. This means increased security for you and your data.

More security measures for peace of mind:

Enhanced Security Measures

Security is our top priority when it comes to file delivery. Rest assured that your sensitive data is protected through robust encryption protocols and secure server hosting. With dedicated servers located in bank and government-grade facilities, you can trust LEXIGO to keep your files safe and secure at all times.

Flexible file delivery

At LEXIGO, we understand the importance of seamless file management and delivery in your multilingual projects. Our technology offers a comprehensive solution to handle files of all types and sizes with ease.

Effortless Sharing and Management

Gone are the days of cumbersome file transfers and compatibility issues. Our cloud-based platform simplifies the sharing and management of documents, presentations, spreadsheets, multimedia files, and more. Whether it’s a small document or a large multimedia project, our system ensures smooth handling from start to finish.

Streamlined Transfer and Delivery

With LEXIGO, you can say goodbye to the hassle of manual file transfers. Our intuitive interface allows for effortless uploading and downloading of files, eliminating delays and reducing administrative overhead. Whether you’re collaborating with internal teams or external partners, our platform ensures swift and secure file transfer, keeping your projects on track.

Scalable Solutions, No Extra Charges

We understand that file sizes can vary significantly across projects. That’s why our technology offers scalable solutions with no extra charges for handling larger files. Whether you’re dealing with megabytes or gigabytes of data, our platform can accommodate your needs without breaking the bank.