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Market-ready documents proofed for consistency and cultural nuance. We have an eye for detail.

Polish your words through a grammatical, subject matter and cultural lens

Connect meaningfully in any language with content that looks and sounds highly professional.


Translation is the first step, proofing is the polish. Make sure your documents are market-ready with our affordable proofreading services.

Professional documents
Small and large jobs


Your dedicated proofreading team follows a proven proofing process that includes fact-checking, link testing and assessing content relevance for the target culture.

A dedicated team of experts
Quality you can trust


171 languages

Reach 248 global markets or local communities with accurate, consistent translation available in 171 languages.

171 languages

248 global markets

310+ language-pairs


10k+ linguists

Get high-quality translation results that speak to your audience with our 10,000 strong global network of domain-expert translators.

10,000+ vetted translators

Subject matter experts

Professional and qualified

Shield Security

256 encryption

Your data is safe with government and bank-grade secure servers, AES-256 encryption and an ISO-27001 certified environment.

SSL AES-256 encryption

ISO-27001 certified environment

Data privacy and ownership

Clock Service

24/7 service

Order, pay and manage your translation requirements 24/7, 365 days a year using our leading online platform LEXIGO.LIVE

24/7 service and support

Urgent requirements

Easy to use platform

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