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Translate. Communicate. Engage.

Translation, communication and engagement are at the core of what we do at LEXIGO.

As a trusted full-service provider, organisations rely on our high-quality translation and multicultural communication solutions across 171 languages. Individually, our services empower you to create effective multilingual content. Combined, they become a powerful end-to-end multilingual solution.


Apps, Digital + Web

Translation for apps, websites, software and more, in common formats such as HTML, PHP, ASP, JSP, C# and property files.
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Professional translation services, certified and stamped for official purposes.
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Documents + Text

Trusted translation of documents and text across a range of subject matter and content areas in all types of formats.
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Certified translation services for contracts, proceedings and other legal requirements.
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Ensure your target audiences find you, in language, with a strong online presence.
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Checking & Editing

All languages and cultures express themselves differently. Check consistency, detail and linguistic nuance to get it right the first time.
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Desktop Publishing

Our graphic designers understand the considerations of designing for an array of cultures and languages.
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In-context review

Reviewing final translation in-context ensures that no detail is missed, and that the words are one aspect of a wider product, experience or document.
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A cost-effective option that allows for a quick and effective understanding of whether your content is market-ready or requires further polishing.
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Typesetting services for basic files such as word documents, presentations or notes.
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Cross-Cultural Training

Build a team who understands their audience innately for global success.
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Speak powerfully and consistently to targeted multicultural audiences, locally or globally.
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Multicultural Marketing

Get your message heard, shared and acted upon, in any culture.
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Multicultural Media

Create powerful multimedia across 171 languages with subtitles, voice-overs, and more.
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Capture the essence of your marketing message to engage a new global audience. Go beyond translation for true local resonance.
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