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Empowering government and public sector organisations to communicate with any audience, in any language for meaningful engagement.


A trusted partner for in-language communication

As a leading full-service translation, localisation and multicultural communications agency, we are a preferred provider to over 50 state and federal departments.

With a breadth of experience in various multilingual government projects and high-profile community education campaigns, we can help you:
  • Build strong relationships with your audience
  • Communicate accurately, efficiently and effectively
  • Meet and exceed your missions and policies for multicultural communication, support, access and equity
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Clear value-for-money advantages


Translate content across 171 languages

Flexible, reliable and responsive. Professional and trusted translation services to support you in connecting meaningfully with diverse communities.
171 languages
ISO Certified

All types of content

Content translation, right through to CALD campaigns, we have the experience and know-how to empower you with certified, in-language communication.

Minestrial announcement
Official letters
Media releases + press kits
Promotional materials + videos
Audio : subtitling, voice over, video
Ship digital products fast

Apply translated content to any communication medium

  • Increased productivity saving you time and money.
  • Centralised approach to managing language assets.
  • Easy-to-use with zero lead time
Why Us

Why Choose Us

Words are one piece of the translation puzzle. By using both linguistic and cultural interpretation, we make sure your message sounds the way you intended it.

Boost time to market and get content in front of multicultural audiences faster, thanks to our award-winning technology.

Boost time to market and get content in front of multicultural audiences faster, thanks to our award-winning technology.

Boost time to market and get content in front of multicultural audiences faster, thanks to our award-winning technology.

Lexigo Translation

Source Text
Before recommending COVID-19 vaccination for children, scientists conducted clinical trials with thousands of children and no serious safety concerns were identified.
Source Text
Прежде чем рекомендовать вакцинацию против COVID-19 для детей, ученые провели клинические испытания с тысячами детей, и серьезных проблем с безопасностью выявлено не было.
Ship digital products fast

Authentically connect with any audience, anywhere

Our experienced global network of native translators facilitate effective communication across 171 languages. Speak natively to diverse communities through your department’s website, digital content and mainstream media.
Why Us

Trusted by brands, big and small

Individually, our services enable you to produce effective content across any language.

“Help ANZ to rapid new market launches

From English-only content to translating in 10+ languages, LEXIGO’s tech-enabled approach gives ANZ scalable enterprise-level translation to rapid new market launches.”


171 Languages

Bengali / Bangla
Bislama (Vanuatu)
Chewa (Sona)

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions or get in touch.
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LEXIGO is a leading cloud-based translation, localisation and multicultural communication agency that works closely with Australian Government Departments – enabling effective, certified and high-quality CALD communication.

LEXIGO combines the intelligence of NAATI-certified translators with its own award-winning technology.

The result is fast, scalable and accurate translation services across 171 languages.

Yes, LEXIGO can provide reference reports, referees and portfolio examples of work completed for other Government Departments and Public Sector organisations. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements and we will respond to your request on a case by case situation to ensure we are meeting confidentiality and contractual obligations of existing clients.

We translate in, and to 171 languages. These 171 languages cover the most commonly used languages in migration, global business and community languages across Australia. However, if you have a need outside our 171 languages, please let us know as we have thousands of linguists across additional languages.

We’re always looking for ways to save on time and costs through our own smart technology, and pass those savings on to our customers.

Unlike traditional translation agencies, LEXIGO can provide translations cheaper, faster and at scale by eliminating common manual processes involved in the translation process that you would usually pay a premium for.

Our translations are still complete by professional human translators.

Yes, all translations conducted for Australian Government Departments and the Public Sector are certified by a NAATI-certified translator. Our translators are native speakers of the target language and members of their respective culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities.

All types of file formats and media types can be handled by LEXIGO’s technical capability and experienced team of professionals. To date, LEXIGO works across a wide range of files and media types covering digital content, print media and multimedia.

We take your content and privacy very seriously and continuously invest in ways to ensure your data is safe and secure. Your data is stored with government and bank-grade secure servers, AES-256 encryption and an ISO-27001 certified environment. In fact, our servers are with Amazon Web Services, hosted in Sydney, Australia and utilise the same network used by Netflix, Slack, Adobe and more.

Upon request, we can delete your data permanently.

Due to its powerful and innovative nature, LEXIGO’s platform already reduces turnaround time significantly, as it automates common manual processes involved in Translation Project Management.

For even faster turnaround, LEXIGO offers urgency services in the form of its Priority Service available as a service option.

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