Introducing The Native Experience Podcast by LEXIGO

We did it! After much discussion and debate, massive to-do lists, countless meetings and calls, and several versions of names, colours and branding, we are finally ready to join the ranks of podcast creators on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever you listen to your podcasts.

illustration of people from diverse backgrounds introducing the native experience podcast

Introducing The Native Experience by LEXIGO, with your host extraordinaire Brian Kane.

This podcast started as an idea to take what people consider foreign and turn it on its head because foreign, after all, is just a matter of perspective.

Mark Saba, LEXIGO’s Founder and CEO, and the creator of the Native Experience, is a Native Melbournian with Coptic-Egyptian roots. Mark has worked in the translation and localisation industry for almost 20 years. The industry is rooted in native communication, creating messages for diverse audiences, not just in their native tongue but in terms that resonate with them. Mark’s diverse background made it easy to dive into the world of translation, but with the job came many questions about the state of the industry and the road it’s going down with the introduction of Multicultural Marketing.

Multicultural Marketing, otherwise known as Foreign or Ethnic Marketing, has been making waves in Australia for some time. The term is heavily used in the translation industry, which has prompted a lot of internal discussions on what exactly ethnic marketing is.

As we hear Mark say in the first episode:

“In our industry, the terms foreign marketing and ethnic marketing are used a lot, which I think is a little incorrect because what’s foreign and ethnic to you is actually native to someone else.”

This was the seedling from which the idea of the podcast sprouted.

Professional translators, multicultural marketers, and the like, are on a mission to create localised content to engage and connect with culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) audiences. However, to do that, there needs to be a deep understanding of their personal experience.

The Native Experience Podcast aims to bridge the gap between what is native and foreign, going beyond translation and localisation to discuss how to create truly native experiences for diverse audiences.

The podcast brings together industry leaders with a focus on exploring authentic ways to reach, connect, and engage with audiences in their native language. The discussions go beyond mere translation, delving into strategies for delivering native experiences that resonate with audiences through tailored methods and channels of distribution.

We’ll hear stories, lessons, and insights from professionals who have successfully localised their products or services and worked with culturally and linguistically diverse communities to achieve equity. They’ll take us through their personal experiences that shed light on the unique cultural nuances they have encountered on their journey to provide native communication.

The podcast will be launching on June 6 with the first four episodes. Our guests include Rachel Carruthers, the Platform Partnerships Lead at Canva, Erika Gonzalez from RMIT University and the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators, Andrzej Nedoma, and the LEXIGO team.

Dive into what Native Communication means to the translation experts at LEXIGO, delve into the anthropology of language with Rachel Carruthers, understand the importance of translation services to achieve equity with Erika Gonzalez, and learn about the importance of community-centred ideas and the impact of new technologies with Andrzej Nedoma.

Each discussion prompts a new way of thinking about the world of language, translation and localisation. We hope that with each episode, you feel more inspired and empowered to design effective communication solutions that truly connect with diverse audiences.

Whether you’re a business owner, marketer, translation professional, cultural enthusiast, or simply, someone who values meaningful communication, we invite you to join us on this journey as we explore the power of native experiences and how they can shape our world.

Tune into Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your favourite podcasts tomorrow and catch the very first episode of The Native Experience by LEXIGO.