Supporting CALD communities with access to essential services


Services Australia delivers a broad range of advice, payments and health services through Centrelink, Medicare, myGOV and Child Support. These essential services across Australia deliver crucial information on many different fronts to every Australian, including those from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

LEXIGO has been a long-term translation partner of Services Australia, helping them translate a range of material into as many as 63 languages for over a decade.

As a long-standing trusted partner of Service Australia, the challenge lay in seamlessly integrating services and translated materials into a cohesive, tech-enabled service approach to ensure consistent communication across multiple languages.


With the regular translation work that Services Australia requires, a unified platform that holds the bank of all the previous work in all target languages is essential to ensuring consistency and accuracy in their content.

LEXIGO enables a seamless and centralised approach for Services Australia’s translation work, to ensure consistency and accuracy across all jobs, as well as quick and easy communication across the team. A translation memory tool also assists with faster delivery of all translation work, automatically translating common terms and phrases, reducing the time to translate.


LEXIGO understands the importance of precise and consistent translations. Reflected in our innovative solution that caters to the intricate demands of Services Australia, our state-of-the-art platform centralises all translations, encompassing a vast language bank for every target language.

Our unique translation management platform offers rapid turnaround times by automatically integrating key terminology and enhancing consistency—this ensures that each project, regardless of its scale or complexity, receives the high-quality attention it deserves.

With the use of an end-to-end tech-enabled service approach, LEXIGO delivers:

  • Increased consistency and accuracy across all translations
  • Increased productivity, saving time and money
  • A centralised approach to managing language assets
  • Zero lead time on translation projects

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