Automated translation for faster claims and traveller peace of mind


In the dynamic landscape of travel insurance, nib Travel Insurance stands out for its commitment to health and safety. Operating globally, they offer critical assistance to travellers through partnerships with businesses and travel agents. A key aspect of their service involves processing travel insurance claims, which are conducted online and over the phone.

Central to their operations is the need for accurate and swift translation of various health-related customer documents, including medical reports and records. The major challenge faced by nib was the delay in claim processing due to either the lack of translations or the presence of poor-quality translations.

This was compounded by the necessity to handle large volumes of sensitive health data and the need for a translation solution that could seamlessly integrate with nib’s existing operational frameworks.


LEXIGO provided an innovative, AI-driven, automated enterprise solution tailored to nib’s needs and built upon our advanced technology to address this multifaceted challenge.

The solution seamlessly integrates into the daily workflows of nib’s travel insurance team, enabling efficient management of translation requests. Our system facilitates quick access for hundreds of agents, streamlining the process of submitting translation requests, managing projects, and accelerating the claim processing cycle.

Crucially, this solution enhanced the speed and accuracy of translations, particularly for medical and health-related documents, enabling nib’s nursing staff to make timely and informed client recommendations.


LEXIGO’s bespoke solution markedly revolutionised nib Travel Insurance operations. Key impacts included:

  • Streamlined integration with existing workflows, significantly boosting operational efficiency.
  • Rapid, high-quality translations by professional human translators, particularly of health related documents, aiding the nursing staff in making swift, accurate assessments.
  • A centralised and secure platform for managing sensitive health data and translation projects.
  • This transformation led to a notable increase in the speed and accuracy of claim processing, greatly benefiting travellers who depend on nib for reliable and prompt services.

The project underscored nib’s commitment to health and safety in travel insurance, enhancing its reputation as a customer-focused, efficient provider in the industry.

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