Strengthening Immunity in Community


In a collaborative effort with the Department of Health and Aged Care and co-created with grassroots organisations, LEXIGO was challenged with developing an initiative tailored for communities that were traditionally hard-to-reach or hardly-reached.

The focus was to create content that was not only linguistically and culturally resonant but also effective in encouraging vaccine uptake and fostering dialogue between these communities and the Department. This endeavour required a deep understanding of diverse community dynamics to ensure successful engagement and communication.


Utilising our Think-Design-Go Framework, LEXIGO crafted a methodical approach that guided the process from initial discovery and insight gathering to strategic planning and creative design.

In the Think phase, we conducted and analysed research data to formulate hypotheses tailored for each target language group. This step was pivotal in identifying key insights specific to each language, laying the groundwork for the subsequent strategy and design stages.

Dedicated to developing a creative strategy informed by the insights derived in the Think phase, the Design phase involved crafting key messages and a comprehensive channel distribution plan—refined and validated through co-creation workshops.

Finally, our community engagement team collaborated closely with community organisations and leaders in the Go phase. This collaboration was instrumental in effectively distributing the content, ensuring maximum impact and reach within each community.


Leveraging a robust network of 95 key individuals and people of influence, each a specialist in their field—the initiative executed a multifaceted approach was executed.

Meticulously tailored, the strategy resonated with identified audiences by utilising popular platforms in the communities like WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Facebook, and SMS, coupled with direct community engagement through events and discussions.

This bespoke approach ensured that the campaign’s reach was broad and deeply authentic, engaging over 800,000 people with in-language content and an average digital engagement rate well above 56%—reflecting the high resonance of co-created material.

The result was more than just numbers; it demonstrated how culturally nuanced and carefully orchestrated communication can become a gold standard in community engagement.

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