Translating Family Assistance Law to empower a CALD audience


The Department of Education, Skills and Employment, committed to enhancing the well-being and economic benefits of quality education and employment, sought to broaden its reach by disseminating crucial information about Family Assistance Law to a diverse audience. 

They needed to ensure that childcare providers, services, and educators understood their obligations under this legislation. The requirement was to develop voiceover audio and closed captions in 11 languages for educational videos covering various aspects of the law, including specific rules and eligibility criteria for Child Care Subsidy.


LEXIGO was entrusted with the task of developing these multilingual resources. Adhering to the Department’s stringent specifications and standards, including NAATI-certified translation, our comprehensive solution encompassed several key components:

  1. Recording Voiceover Talent: We engaged skilled voiceover artists to provide clear and accurate audio in 11 languages.
  2. Translating and Providing Accessible Transcripts: Our team prepared translated transcripts, ensuring they were accessible and easy to understand.
  3. Creating Closed Captions: We developed closed captions for each video, enhancing accessibility for viewers with different needs.
  4. Video Editing: Our service extended to editing the videos to ensure seamless integration of the voiceovers and subtitles.

LEXIGO went beyond the basic requirements of the contract. We provided cultural advice, guided the project’s direction, and anticipated other translation needs. 

Collaborating with the Department’s production and media teams, we prepared the videos for publication, ensuring they met the highest standards of quality and accessibility.


The partnership between LEXIGO and the Department of Education, Skills and Employment resulted in several significant achievements:

  1. Successful Multilingual Video Project: The project delivered high-quality voiceovers, subtitles, and video editing, making the educational content accessible in multiple languages.
  2. Support for Internal Teams: We worked closely with the Department’s internal teams, ensuring a smooth preparation of the videos for publication.
  3. Facilitating Equal Access: The project was crucial in providing equal access to important legislative information. It ensured educators and childcare providers from diverse linguistic backgrounds understood their obligations under the Family Assistance Law.

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