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Bega Cheese Group, a leading Australian cheese company and diversified food enterprise, faced significant challenges maintaining clear and consistent branding across multiple languages. 

This issue was particularly acute in their export endeavours, where inconsistent product and brand terminology led to delays in customs approvals. On one occasion, these delays resulted in a large stock of products needing to be updated, causing significant revenue loss and additional expenses. Bega required a translation solution that ensured clarity and consistency across all its brands and possessed the necessary export know-how to facilitate smoother market entry.


LEXIGO offered a comprehensive, full-service strategic solution tailored to Bega’s needs. Our approach focused on creating clear and consistent product communications in various target languages, assisting Bega in several key areas:

  1. Strengthening Brand Awareness Globally: By ensuring consistency in messaging, we helped reinforce Bega’s brand presence in international markets.
  2. Boosting Export Efficiency: Our solutions significantly reduced the time for Bega’s products to move from factory to international floors, streamlining the export process.

Crucially, our partnership with Bega has led to all their products receiving customs approval since our collaboration began, highlighting the effectiveness of our tailored approach.


The collaboration between LEXIGO and Bega Cheese Group has yielded substantial benefits:

  1. Strategic Translation Solution: Our ongoing partnership provides a strategic approach to translation, addressing Bega’s unique market needs.
  2. Increased Time-to-Market Speed: We have significantly expedited Bega’s product journey from production to international markets.
  3. Streamlined On-Brand Translation Workflow: Our solutions ensure that translations are accurate and align with Bega’s brand voice and values.
  4. Reduction in Translation Costs: We have helped Bega reduce costs associated with translating brand materials by optimising the translation process.
  5. Consistent Translation Across Products: Uniformity in language and terminology across all products reinforces brand integrity.
  6. Reduced Financial Risk through Export Know-How: Our expertise in handling export-related challenges has minimised financial risks for Bega.

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