Seamless strategic translation in a highly regulated industry


ANZ, a major global banking and financial institution, serves over 8.5 million retail and business customers across 32 markets. Communicating in multiple languages is vital for their operations. With the introduction of ANZ Transactive Global, a digital solution offering a range of financial services, ANZ faced the challenge of rolling out the new product across Asia.

The rollout required translating materials into ten languages, including apps, websites, online forms, and interactive PDFs. The task was complex, given the continuous updates and evolution of the product and the need for accuracy in a highly regulated industry.


LEXIGO provided a bespoke, technology-driven solution to meet ANZ’s translation needs. Our approach involved establishing a centralised translation platform that allowed ANZ users to manage all updates and files efficiently. We formed a dedicated partner team to ensure consistent and accurate translations across all languages.

The tailored solution was crucial for maintaining legal and financial compliance across in-language content. By translating English content into over ten languages, LEXIGO enabled ANZ to launch its product rapidly in new markets. Our service extended beyond the initial rollout as we continue translating new products and updates, integrating these seamlessly with existing translations to maintain coherence and accuracy.


LEXIGO’s solution had several significant impacts:

  • Efficient Tailored Translation Solution: We provide a streamlined and customised service that effectively manages the complexity and scale of ANZ’s translation needs.
  • Consistency and Accuracy in a Regulated Industry: Our meticulous approach ensured that translations met the stringent requirements of the financial sector, avoiding potential legal and compliance issues.
  • Centralised Translation Platform: A centralised platform facilitated easy access and management of translations for ANZ users, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Seamless Management of Terminology and File Versions: Our advanced system ensured consistency in terminology and accurate version control across all translated materials.
  • Scalable Enterprise-Level Translation: LEXIGO’s solution supported ANZ’s rapid expansion into new markets, demonstrating our capacity to handle large-scale, complex translation projects.

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