Speak powerfully and consistently to your audiences, locally or globally.

Localisation services bring you closer to your audience. Do more than simply translate your website, marketing materials and documents. Adapt it to a specific market and ensure it speaks powerfully to them.

Localisation for 138 countries
Reap the benefits of working locally with our experts. We have 5000+ trained professionals across the world, ready to assist with the growth of your message and ultimately your organisation.

Localisation applications
Localisation is more than just words – it’s an understanding of what makes a language, culture and place unique.

The following types of content, media and digital assets benefit from localisation, and are areas Lexigo has experience in:

+ Software and apps
+ Websites
+ Advertising and marketing material
+ Traditional and digital media
+ Corporate training material including videos and recordings
+ Branding and identity including logo adaptation and recreation
+ and more