Language Translation Services + Multicultural Communication

Lexigo is committed to and believes in a holistic approach to Quality Assurance. Our entire service delivery framework is designed to enforce quality from the outset by establishing quality procedures in 2 key disciplines; Translation and Project Management.


As a reliable full-service translation and multicultural communication partner, organisations rely on us to deliver a multitude of services and solutions across 96 languages.


Content discovery

Assist you in identifying important parts of content that need to be translated to meet budgetary requirements


Preparation, printing and collating

Preparation of translated content ready for submission to any governmental or judicial body


Dedicated project team

All translation orders include project management with a dedicated Project Success Team

Content Translation
Translation for all types of content, handled by qualified professionals.

Digital Translation
Inform, engage and convert your firm's digital audiences in any language.

Certified + Legal Translation
Certified translations to ensure government and judicial requirements are met.

Software + App Translation
Adapt your app to engage with your user's languages and cultures.

Multicultural Marketing
Get your message heard, shared and acted upon across 138 cultures

Multicultural Media
Create powerful and native multimedia across 96 languages.

Cross-Cultural Training
Build a team who understands their audience innately for global success.

DTP + Typesetting
Design and typesetting services by native professionals

Checking + Editing
Ensure your content is consistent, detailed and culturally appropriate.


Award-winning proprietary platform backed by an established network of 5000+ qualified translators in 96 languages across 138 countries.

Fixed-price fee
We guarantee all turnaround times and only provide fixed-price quotes.

Flexible solutions
Full human translation, to machine translation edited by humans, and everything in between.

25 years experience
Legal know-how and refined processes result in exceptional service and translation quality

Express service
Lexigo.Priority translation service for time critical requirements.

Cloud-based tech
Securely control and manage your translation orders and files.