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How Professional Translation Can Connect You and Your Customers

A professional translation can connect you to your customers in beneficial ways. To start, providing a professional translation in your customer’s native language, whether it is Mandarin, Hindi, or Spanish, can build new relationships and trust with those customers. It has the added benefit of increasing your growth and establishing yourself as a worthwhile professional business.

What Is a Professional Translation Service?

A professional translation service is a process that translates your business documents into another language. When you need a foreign language translation, you should contact a professional translation company that can utilise linguistic experts, not computers, to provide you with the most authentic translation possible.

Why Do You Need Professional Translation Services?

Outside of the obvious financial and brand growth possibilities, a professional translation can ensure your marketing material, legal documents, and personalised advertisements translate effectively into a foreign language.

Ensures Effective Communication

One of the most significant reasons to have a professional translation is to eliminate miscommunication. A foreign language translation can ensure effective communication for marketing materials and documentation, which benefits several industries, including law, marketing, and insurance brokering.

For example, a professional translation can speed up the process if you request documents for a client’s legal proceeding. Many clients, even those who speak English fluently, may need help understanding the rigid, jargon-heavy legal paperwork, leading to miscommunication and delayed responses. You could sit and explain every detail to them, but that wastes time you could better spend planning for the next conference, hearing, or trial.

Establishes Transparency

Stepping away from the realm of law, insurance companies who use a professional translation for their client’s documents and plans can help eliminate confusion about what is covered and offered by them. As a result, it leads to an established transparency that clients appreciate.

Translation services eliminate the anxiety of the unknown regarding client documents. As mentioned, insurance companies who can provide a client’s plan in their preferred language will help eliminate that anxiety because clients want to feel like they have the whole picture.

Imagine if someone handed you a large stack of paper in a strange language you vaguely understood and said, “in this is everything you need to know; read it at your leisure.” While they would comprehend many grandiose clauses, a non-native speaker may need help understanding particular words and contexts. Double meanings and accepted vocabulary can lead to confusion, misunderstanding, and a growing sense of “shadiness.”

After all, would you want to pay someone monthly that could not satisfy your worries? A company with transparency and accommodations for all its clients creates a place that has an envious client acquisition.

Higher Client Acquisition

Finally, companies that provide a foreign language translation for their documents and marketing materials have a higher client acquisition rate. They have the tools and know-how to cast the most extensive net into the biggest demographics.

As a marketing tactic, think about the four most spoken languages in the world. English, Mandarin, Hindi, and Spanish. Providing these four as a foreign language translation option for your marketing materials can help secure the largest collection of clients for your products and services.

More clients mean more growth, and you can expand your business from a local or nationwide name to a global sensation in a few short months when you start advertising to communities abroad in languages they understand and for which they are comfortable.

Should You Try To Translate Documents On Your Own?

Now that you know how a professional translation can benefit your business, here are some pitfalls you should be aware of if you try to do a foreign language translation on your own.

Being a Native Speaker Isn’t Guaranteed

If you are fluent in Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic, or some other language, it would be easy to perform your translation services by hand. After all, you speak the language and know how to convey sentences with it.

It’s the first significant pitfall many companies fall into when they try to start a foreign language translation for their marketing materials and other documents. Spoken language and written form are often vernacular and variations of the official language.

Programs are Inaccurate

Programs such as Google Translate or AI software must be more accurate when translating documents. For example, Google Translate does not consider context or form when translating a sentence. Instead, the system attempts to find the best word to replace the native word in the original script. Consequently, specific Spanish sentences written for the collective “we” are mistranslated into English, as Google does not understand the feminine/masculine shift or the plural change.

You should always seek out a professional translation for your documents.

How Does Professional Translation Work?

There are several ways a professional translation works. At LEXIGO, we begin with a simple process that we have outlined down below. As the premier provider of professional translation services across 171 languages, we are your trusted translation partners.

Submit Your Documents

First, you will submit your documents. Depending on what kind of documents you submit, we may need to review some things with you first. You should check out our webpage to better understand what you need to push your business to the next level.

Match with a Certified Linguistic Expert

When we receive your documents, we use our sophisticated algorithm and software to find you the perfect translator. We do not use a computer or AI to translate your documents, opting to match you with a live person who knows how to translate them. If you submit a legal document, we will ensure it reaches a legal translator with a repertoire of successful, professional translation services.

Reap the Benefits

At LEXIGO, we want to be your partner in professional translation services. Whatever language you need your documents translated to, we can ensure a professional translation, prompt service, and guaranteed satisfaction.

For more information, click here and start reaping the benefits of a professional translation service for your documents and marketing materials.

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