Professional and high quality translation delivered on time and within budget for banking and financial institutions.

In a fast paced industry like banking and financial services, we know that policies, markets and other factors such as political and government decisions can change things very quickly and keep your industry challenging.

Keeping up with those factors while providing any changes in another language to a growing culturally and geographically diverse customer base can be a further challenge - Lexigo offers fast, professional and high quality translation services for the always-on, fast paced digital age.


Communicate with confidence and boost time-to-market in 96 languages across 138 countries

We’re aware of the specific ebb and flow of the financial sector in recent years. We are also aware that the importance of financial documents – to both individuals and organisations – demands communications of an impeccably high standard.

With deep domain knowledge, agile solutions and pioneering proprietary technology, Lexigo is leading the way in delivering engaging multicultural communication results that accelerate business outcomes in new and existing markets.


Lexigo's global presence empowers you with local know-how

With our worldwide network of professional translators from an array of subject matter areas, your translations will be complete by translators located in your target market’s geographic location.

Extra advantages include:

+ Express translation services for urgent requirements
+ Certified/accredited translation services
+ Full suite of translation services to provide support in 96 languages
+ In-country translators who are up to date with local lingo
+ Subject Matter Experts who specialise in various industries



Client spotlight

ANZ Bank, one of Australia's big four operates globally across 30 nations and offers a range of commercial and retail banking services in a variety of languages.

From English-only content to translating in over 10 languages, Lexigo's solutions enable ANZ a scalable translation approach to rapid new market launches.




Excellent translation results are achieved using technology that empowers our translators - and technology that relies on linguist intelligence.


Access our hybrid approach which combines the intelligence of 5000 linguists and powerful cloud-based technology for translation at scale.


Lexigo employs dedicated government and bank grade secure servers, 2048-bit encryption and an ISO-27001 certified environment.