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Our Approach

Learn more about LEXIGO and how we work

We’re here as your translation partner

By working with LEXIGO, you’re partnering with an award-winning translation provider dedicated to service excellence and innovation across 171 languages. We support hundreds of brands worldwide with superior translation services and outcomes using a hybrid approach of expert translators with our flagship technology.

We’re a 100% Australian-owned and operated global network, recognised as a leading provider of translation services and technology around the world.

Why partner with LEXIGO?

Award-winning, forward-thinking technology

Our proprietary translation project management technology means we deliver efficiently, while eliminating project lead-time and the risk of human error. The capabilities of LEXIGO far surpass any white-labelled, off-the-shelf translation solution available.

CALD-friendly company culture

As multicultural communication specialists, we’re proud of our culturally and linguistically diverse team. Our experiences and multi-localised perspectives inform the innovative, culturally-aware and creative solutions we offer.

We deliver differently

Seamless, end-to-end project management

From scoping to delivery, our service-led approach is collaborative, customised and holistic. We streamline all communication between you, your translators and your project success managers, identifying and acting on any concerns in real-time. Each project includes 100+ automated and manual checks for exceptional quality control.

How we work

Here’s how the translation process works

1. Say hello
Get in touch with us and tell us more about your project or requirements. Share the text you’d like translated – in any format (documents, websites, software and more).

2. Select your service level
Depending on your budget, deadline and target audience, you’ll get a tailored quote that strikes the right balance of cost, speed and quality for your needs.

3. Translators get to work
We select the best human translators for your project using our SmartRank algorithm. This ranks translators based on experience, work history, subject matter expertise, qualifications, audience-type and other factors critical to your project’s success. All our translators and linguists are certified and experienced professionals.

By using a humans + technology hybrid approach, your content is translated faster and more accurately. Automated quality checks occur throughout the process, while consistent workflows mean efficient, error-free service delivery.


4. Project management
We’re committed to delivering both a high level of service and exceptional translation results.

In-project email and logs support seamless communication between our translators, your dedicated project success manager and your internal team. This is really important when multiple projects are running simultaneously or many languages are being translated.

Two professional translators are assigned to each language to conduct translations securely and confidentially – one for initial translation and a second for checking, editing and proofreading. These translators collaborate within the LEXIGO platform to quickly identify and solve any quality concerns in real-time.

A final check is made by translators and project managers to make sure all content is ready for publishing and any typesetting/DTP issues have been addressed. All work is guaranteed.

5. Go global
You’ll get your translations delivered in the same format you provided so you’re ready to communicate natively in any language.

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