There’s a big disconnect between where translation is today and where people think it is. 

At LEXIGO, it is our mission to get translation to the place where people think it is—a place where communicating in another language is as seamless, engaging and instant as having a conversation over a cup of coffee with family and friends.

I started LEXIGO with the then perceived simple vision of allowing brands and organisations to be truly native in any market by using technology as a foundation to allow our talent the time and concentration it takes to carefully craft our client’s messages and ideas into other languages.

Since then, my vision hasn’t changed much but it has become more ambitious. Our strong commitment and investment in innovation and triple ISO-certifications have paved the way for bigger and better goals which will see LEXIGO realise its’ vision of ‘seamless communication between languages’ hopefully in this decade.

Until that day comes, we will do everything in our power to make sure we are delivering as closely as possible to our vision while keeping to, and living our core values. We will continue to proudly serve some of the world’s biggest brands and largest government campaigns alongside fledgling, innovative and high-growth SME’s—connecting organisations and people across the world.

Say hello,

Mark Saba, CEO


In every culture, in every corner of the world, communication begins with a simple yet powerful gesture—a “hello”. Whether spoken, signed, or expressed through a warm smile, “hello” goes beyond languages and borders, opening doors to new connections and understanding.

“Hello” is where conversations start, relationships are forged, and bridges between cultures are built. Reach out and message me in any way you like to say hello and let’s start a conversation.

Our vision

To connect people through seamless, native communication across any language.

Our mission

We empower people and brands to be native. This means providing the tools, knowledge, talent and words to effectively reach, engage and rapidly grow local or global markets.

We use innovation to best serve the needs of our clients, while keeping our multilingual communication services, solutions and products fairly priced and of superior quality.

We apply our NATIVE values towards our people, technology and financial resources at all times. We continue to improve the delivery of our services towards our vision at an internationally recognised level.

About us

LEXIGO is an award-winning translation and multilingual communications agency—enabling business, enterprise and government to communicate with confidence and boost time-to-market across 171 languages.

At the heart of LEXIGO’s operations is a global network of professional, native translators. Our flagship CORE technology, powered by advanced AI, ensures the delivery of authentic, peer-reviewed, and culturally-informed translations.

Awarded as one of Australia’s most innovative companies in the Smart100 index and a Top 10 SME in the DELL Business Excellence Awards, LEXIGO is leading the way in accurately translating and managing multilingual content for leading brands and government agencies.

Our N.A.T.I.V.E values

We are N.A.T.I.V.E in everything we do; from enabling meaningful in-language communication to building forward-thinking translation products.

Our values define us and support us to make ethical and informed decisions. They guide all our interactions with our clients and team.

Our heritage

With humble beginnings dating back 20 years, our journey has allowed us to be a true leader in the delivery of translation and in-language communication services giving LEXIGO the ability to share years of experience, innovations and relationships with all our clients.


XLIFF is created. XML Localisation Interchange File Format (more commonly known as XLIFF) is introduced by LISA (Localization Industry Standards Association).


Connect Language Services was founded by Mark Saba and offered new technology as well as a fresh approach to language translation and interpreting services. Connect Language Services merged with Saba TI in 2005 to offer all its clients with one complete solution.


Google releases Google Translate, offering machine translation based on a model labelled Statistical Machine Translation.


Connect Language Services designs and builds a cloud-based platform called ANECSYS to manage internal translation procedures.


The ANECSYS system gets a major design overhaul to prepare it for release to the world.


The Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) announces insolvency in early 2011.


LEXIGO, along with the ANECSYS system separates from Connect Language Services to venture out on its own.


LEXIGO rebrands and redevelops the ANECSYS system to intrinsically integrate into LEXIGO's operations. The ANECSYS brand is closed down and this opens a new chapter for LEXIGO.


LEXIGO builds its first version of Translation Memory based on the Statistical Machine Translation model.


LEXIGO is an industry leading translation services, technology and in-language communications provider working on some of the world's biggest brands and government campaigns.

Our translators

Our curated network of translators is crucial to the success of each LEXIGO project.

We actively recruit and work with a network of highly qualified native translators from across the globe.

Each translator boasts excellent skills in translation, alongside subject matter expertise and local insider knowledge. This leads to the highest quality outcomes for you.

Our translators are: