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nib Accelerates Insurance Claims with AI-Powered Translation


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nib Travel Insurance


nib Group is an Australian health care fund. It was established in 1952 to provide health insurance for workers at the BHP Newcastle Steelworks, and has since grown into a national and international operation. As of 2017, nib held an 8.3% share of the Australian private health cover market.


Sydney, Australia


Health and Medical

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  • Secure Data Management


nib Travel Insurance, a global leader committed to the health and safety of travelers, faced a critical challenge in their claims processing operations—delays caused by inefficient translation of essential medical documents. These delays were further complicated by the need to handle large volumes of sensitive health data securely and integrate solutions seamlessly with existing operational frameworks.

Enhancing Traveler Confidence and Claims Efficiency with nib Travel Insurance

The initiative was to develop a translation system that not only improved the speed and quality of service but also aligned perfectly with nib’s high standards for data security and operational efficiency.


LEXIGO stepped in with a tailored, AI-driven automated solution built on our advanced technology platforms, designed to integrate effortlessly into nib’s daily operations. Key features of our solution included:

Advanced AI Capabilities: Our system provided rapid, accurate translations of medical documents, crucial for the timely processing of claims.

Seamless Workflow Integration: The solution was designed to fit directly into nib’s existing workflows, allowing hundreds of agents easy access to translation services.

Enhanced Security Measures: Adhering to ISO standards, our platform ensured the highest levels of data security, a pivotal factor in nib’s decision to partner with LEXIGO given the sensitive nature of the handled data.


The implementation of LEXIGO’s solution had transformative effects on nib Travel Insurance’s operations:

Increased Operational Efficiency: The integration streamlined processes, reducing the time between claim submission and resolution.

Improved Quality of Service: With faster and more accurate translations, nib’s nursing staff could make informed decisions swiftly, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Heightened Security and Compliance: Our adherence to stringent ISO security standards reassured both nib and their customers of the integrity and safety of their data.

This strategic partnership not only boosted nib’s operational capabilities but also reinforced their commitment to providing exemplary service in the travel insurance industry, solidifying their reputation as a leader in customer-centric and efficient insurance solutions.

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