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Think chess is strategic? Try its Thai cousin, Makruk

Makruk is the most engaging strategy game out there, but not for the reasons you think. You see, games need not to be solely about drama, passion and theatre. There is a place for Creativity, intuition and yes, logic. That’s right, there are games out there that will demand a perfect blend of these two diametrically opposed human nature archetypes. Thus, the notion of strategy games.

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The Swahili coast: a perfect example of establishing a lingua franca

Bridge languages played an important role in history and continue to thrive in today's world of global trade. From lingua franca, an entire sub-culture, and in some cases, a culture is born. 'Singlish' for example is very much a part of today's Singaporean culture, although it started off out of necessity. We take a look at another well-known culture in Africa to explore how bridge languages develop and give birth to new cultures.

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